Why Does Your Non-Profit Need a Mobile App?

by Reece Anderson

Published on August 16, 2014

image article Why Does Your Non-Profit Need a Mobile App?

How does your non-profit stay connected with your constituents? How many trainings and seminars mention mobile engagement and recruiting millennial volunteers and donors early? We are about to enter into a historical transfer of wealth. The baby boomers were a big deal (and still are!)…Unfortunately, the demographic that won’t return calls or check emails from organizations (stereotyping a little here) is the very demographic your organization is going to need in the near future to pay bills and keep the lights on!

Considering that there were more smartphone purchases last year than babies born, apps are a pretty big deal! If the everyday consumer has an app for their bank, school, grocery store, news station, gym, etc…then it makes sense that the local non-profits, churches, and other membership organizations should connect with them in a way that is convenient by having an app.

You might be asking, what kind of features would a non-profit need to have on an app, and how expensive would it be? How about events, scheduling, online giving, blogs, video streaming, and many more… EZCustomApps.com was founded by non-profit professionals who saw a problem and found a solution. You can get started building your own app, upload your logo, and drop in features that you like for free! Once you are happy with everything, publish your app to itunes and google play for your members to download and use for free. Keep them updated on special announcements with push notification and let everyone know about upcoming events, fundraising goals, etc…

Cheaper than a website and the most interactive mobile experience you can offer your members. Having a Facebook page and sending out email newsletters alone is not going to help you move forward and capture a bigger audience anymore.