Why Your Church Needs a Mobile App

by Reece Anderson

Published on August 14, 2014

image article Why Your Church Needs a Mobile App

Most pastors these days communicate important messages to the congregation via email. (And there is no reason why you shouldn’t keep doing that) However, keep in mind that nearly 40% of member targeted emails from organizations and businesses will never be opened. And about 48% (if you live in Maine) and 60% (if you live in Texas) of emails will be read on a mobile device. By now it is no secret that the vast majority of people including your church members have their phone with them almost everywhere they go. EZCustomApps.com has developed a website with churches in mind. You can register and start building an app for your congregation for free, and once you are satisfied, your app will be published to itunes and google play for a small monthly fee. Anytime you want to update your content and add new features, you can log in and do that with no app development experience needed! Features include events, giving, message streaming/podcasts, devotionals, prayer requests, push notifications, and many more.

Here are the 10 reasons why your church needs an app:

  • 1.Many websites are not mobile friendly
  • 2.Content that has been downloaded through the app is available to your members offline
  • 3.It is easier for members to access information on small groups, events, etc…
  • 4.Send out a push notification for urgent messages, bad weather, prayer requests, etc…
  • 5.Provide your members with a new way to give online. Many don’t carry checkbooks
  • 6.Track progress of capital campaigns or other fundraising projects
  • 7.Stream messages
  • 8.Let parents see what is going on in the children/student ministry
  • 9.Allow congregation to check in with their phone and cut down on manual data entry for attendance
  • 10.Incorporate calendars and other unique features that you can fully customize

EZCustomApps.com makes it so simple, that you can upload your own logo and have a custom app ready to publish in a matter of minutes! All of your members with a smartphone can download your church app for free! Consider that more people buy an i-phone everyday than give birth to a newborn baby!!!