Should you have a website AND a mobile app?

by Reece Anderson

Published on January 15, 2015

image article Should you have a website AND a mobile app?

We all know that no matter what the purpose of your business or organization is, you should have a website. Now we are faced with a similar notion of having an app. Is it necessary to have BOTH? Actually; in today’s world, the answer is – YES!!! Let us take a look at why.

In today’s modern technologically-developed world we know that; to get ahead and stay there, it is extremely important to have a website. That means information on your organization will be available to the general public in most every type of search engine on the Internet. These days you can even hire search engine optimization firms to make sure of this. So; in order for your company to complete in its marketplace, it must be visible on the Internet.

The same thing now also applies to having an app for your organization. With the explosive growth in the use of smartphones and tablets an app is better designed for them than websites (even mobile websites). An app is specifically designed to accommodate the smaller screens of these devices and is more easily navigated on them.  Since the main goal of any organization launching an app or website is to engage visitors and members, an app allows you to send out special push notifications and alerts, take credit card payments and donations easier, and offer your members more media engagement with podcast streaming, videos, etc...An app is often derived from a company’s website. Their designers often take the most important features of the website and modify them for use on these much smaller devices. PLUS; with the very busy lifestyles of most people today, the app is easy for them to use while “on the go.”

One way you can avoid the excessive costs of having both a website and an app is to use an app builder platform that gives you an all inclusive package at an affordable price! is by far the most simple and affordable option. Some "cheaper" websites out there require you to have your own Apple and Google developer account which is hundreds per year (and hours of monotonous research and work to maintain). With, you can send your own push notifications directly to your member's mobile device. You can also integrate custom features and accept credit card payments/donations with ease. What's even more crazy, it is FREE to sign up and start building your app and only $39/mo once you are ready for your app to go live. If you are not interested in the DIY options there are also fully managed services that will help you get your app built and published in no time!