Mobile App for your United Way

by Reece Anderson

Published on October 01, 2014

image article Mobile App for your United Way

The United Way network is a non-profit organization like no other. Not only is United Way the largest non-governmental funder of health and human services in the country, all the real work happens at the local level. Local United Way chapters are autonomous and run workplace fundraising campaigns each year to help support all of the most important charity programs that tackle the big issue. United Way works, and it is here to stay. I saw how impactful it was during the four plus years I worked for my local United Way chapter.

Sometimes, success depends on seeing challenges as opportunities and leading with those opportunities. As local fundraising has been under siege by global campaigns with 7 figure marketing budgets and celebrity endorsements, efficient local organizations need to get creative and engage local donors through technology and digital storytelling on a shoestring budget to keep up.

United Way is in a unique position to lead this charge on a local level across the country and around the world! Let me first clarify one thing: Having a Facebook page and online giving page will not suffice for mobile engagement. When you go out into your community and speak to employees at their workplace, or tell a crowd your story at a big event, you need something to keep them engaged and stirred up after your gone. Traditional resource development relied on handwritten letters and “Thank-a-thon” calls from volunteers. We need more than that in 2014.

What if you could go into that workplace campaign meeting, tell your story, and then ask everyone in the room to take out their smartphone. You let them know that your very own custom local app is available to download on itunes and google play for free! Let them know you want to keep them updated on how the fundraising campaign is going this year (after all, most of them have invested in the campaign’s success by making a donation themselves). Keep your donors in the loop by offering them a fundraising goal tracker, upload videos and success stories, stream important annual events for those who can’t make it in person, add events, scheduling for volunteers, push notifications, blogs, maps, info, and many other features that you can fully customize! About now, you might be thinking that it sounds great in theory, but like most non-profits, you just don’t have the money… has built a website with non-profits and specifically United Way organizations in mind. Register an account and build an app for free. Upload your own logo and start dropping in features to to help you better connect with your constituents throughout the year. Once you like what you see, we will publish your app to itunes and google play for a ridiculously affordable monthly fee. You need to have your own app. It is EASY to build your own app. Let us show you how!