Mobile App Trends and Statistics

by Reece Anderson

Published on August 14, 2014

image article Mobile App Trends and Statistics

At we believe every membership driven organization should have an affordable custom app to better connect with your members. If you haven’t noticed, over 1 Billion people use smartphones! (That number is growing rapidly) In 2014, consumers who are using their smartphone to track their weight, track other people, get directions, order dinner, file insurance claims, deposit checks, keep toddlers occupied at a restaurant, shop for groceries, and many other things will not always want to visit your website to get the information they are looking for (even if it is optimized for mobile devices!)…

To reach your members on their phone, you will need more than a Facebook page. Why not get an app? Have all of your information, content, events, giving, scheduling, streaming, etc…on your own app! Still not convinced? Consider this:

  • 378,000 smartphones are sold everyday! 371,000 babies are born everyday!
  • In 2010, there were 3 billion apps downloaded. In 2013, there were 98 billion apps downloaded!!!
  • In 2010, there were 120,000 apps available. In 2013, there were 900,000 apps available!

Portio Research is an independent research group that compiles reports on various mobile technology trends among other things. They came out with a report in March of 2013 that estimates 1.2 Billion people worldwide were using mobile apps at the end of 2012. The number of app downloads has increased 3,200% since 2010!

In 2013, it was estimated that over 98 Billion apps were downloaded by smartphone users. (up from 3 Billion in 2010)

When these same consumers who may be members of your organization, school, church, etc… visit your website, chances are, they are doing it on their mobile device. What will they find?

If the trends continue in this direction for the next several years and beyond, consumers will be using mobile devices to do almost every daily task from turning lights on and off to possibly driving their vehicle to work!

Obviously you can’t use your phone to chauffeur you around just yet, but the need for your organization to have your own custom app that your members can download is more important today than it ever has been. Imagine being able to drop in features like events, streaming, blogs, info, maps, online giving, etc… At, you can register a free account and start building a custom app for your organization with ZERO app development experience. If you can manage a Facebook page, you can build an app. It really is that easy! Once you upload your logo and drop in content and features that you would like to customize, publish your app to itunes and google for your members to download for free.Having your own app used to be complicated and expensive! has made building your app cheaper and easier than having a custom website! Imagine asking your members to visit i-tunes and google play to download your organization’s app for free. Once they have downloaded all of the content you have published on your very own app, they can access it without having to be connected to the internet or visit your website.