Mobilizing Church Volunteers With a Mobile App

by Reece Anderson

Published on August 16, 2014

image article Mobilizing Church Volunteers With a Mobile App

Every Worship Pastor has experienced the frustration of showing up Sunday morning at the crack of dawn, preparing everything for the volunteers, and then having to text band members or singers 30 min. after practice starts to ask “are you coming?”

There are all kinds of organization subscriptions that are really cool such as Planning Center…However, communication seems much more impersonal and forces volunteers to use only one method of communication (email).

Having managed different teams of volunteers, I found that there are several “golden rules” that helped me increase participation and better engage my team:

  • Ask what communication works best for them and individualize it if you need to. I had a 70 year old volunteer that did not use email and did not like cell phone correspondence. She had a fax machine in her bedroom and we had to communicate with her in a way that worked best for her.
  • Set regular expectations and evaluate communication methods on a regular basis. If things seem to be plateauing and your emails are being ignored, you might be sending too much too frequently.
  • Learn to go more mobile with your volunteers. There are basically 2 options for this: group text or mobile app with push notifications and scheduling features. The second option is much more versatile and dynamic.

Whether you work with a board of directors, parents of children, musicians, or small group leaders, having a unique and custom mobile app will definitely enhance communication and help mobilize your team for success!

Imagine an app with your logo and branding that has features for scheduling, events, streaming, podcasts, info, push notifications, and many more. has developed a product that anyone can use. If you can create a Facebook page, you can build an app easily through the user friendly platform at Upload your logo and build your app for free. Once you would like to publish to itunes and google play, will publish it for a very affordable monthly fee. Update it as much as you would like!