Why Does Your School Need a Mobile App?

by Reece Anderson

Published on August 16, 2014

image article Why Does Your School Need a Mobile App?

If you are an education professional, no doubt you have already heard of many school oriented mobile apps available to help organize student assignments and enhance communication. However, everything available is cookie cutter with limited features and customization. If you are an elementary school, high school, or district, you will want features for scheduling, events, etc…EZCustomApps.com has taken that a step further. You can register a free account and build your own school app by uploading a logo and dropping in features that your school needs such as events and scheduling, push notification for important messages about weather or other emergencies, streaming, blogs, calendars, fundraising goal tracker, and many other incredible features. Once you like the way your app looks and functions, EZCustomApps.com will publish it for you to itunes and google play. That’s it! No coding or app development experience needed!

Something else that’s really exciting…If you are a college or University, your own app goes way beyond student information. Keep your alumni engaged and share success stories long after they graduate. Update them on your fundraising needs and let them feel connected to the community by offering them a unique custom app. No more impersonal emails begging for support. Give your Alumni some value and communicate with them in a way they are used to. Over 1.2 Billion people have a smartphone, and consumers are demanding more and more that organizations have an app. Chances are, many of your alumni use email primarily for work and use mobile apps and messaging for every other communication. If your goal is to make them feel connected and tell your story, having an email newsletter alone will not accomplish that. Your school needs an app. EZCustomApps.com makes it so easy and affordable that you can’t afford not to!